And now to begin!

How to start, that is the question.  To start at the beginning could be too far back, but to start in the ‘here and now’ may leave too much of the question unanswered, and I’m certainly not able to begin in the future.  So I guess I’ll just have to start in the now, move on into the future, and only zip back into the past when I need to.

So here I am, standing on the edge of the next chapter in my life, on the cusp of something new, something exciting.  Twenty years of teaching is over, and the burning urge to write is back again. 

I’ve always written, stories, poems, thoughts, but for the last few years my head has been so full of school, teaching, and lifes other traumas, that my writing has been pushed into a dark corner of my brain.  But at last it is time for my writing to come back into the light.  I’ve just spent the weekend at Mulberry House,  High Ongar on a ‘Release the Writer in You’ weekend.  So thanks to Abidemi, and all the other writers I met there, I feel the writer in me is now truly in the process of being released.  Thank you for your acceptance and your encouragement, and thank you for helping me to discover my voice.


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