Autumn Leaves

This time of year, the wind blows and all the leaves from everywhere around  seem to end up in my little garden.  Autumn leaves; gold, red and gorgeous  whilst hanging on the trees, metamorphose into a muddy, mouldy mess, the moment they touch the ground.  So this morning the lawn – or do I mean straggly, dog destroyed, weedy patch of grass – was almost completely buried under a carpet of slimy, wet leaves. 

The wind had died down a little, so just before coffee time –  ‘good time to rake the leaves’ I thought; ‘won’t take long,’ I thought.  I should’ve known better! 

The air was reasonably still, right up to the moment I had raked a huge pile of leaves.  Then of course the wind blew, and I’m sure you can guess the rest.  Swirling leaves, no huge pile! 

Nearly an hour later, and the grass is speckled with leaves rather than carpeted, and at least my drain won’t get blocked up until tomorrow.  

Time for a late coffee I think!


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