Wait a minute

I’m not good at waiting. Wait for this, wait for that. Wait until Christmas, wait and see, wait your turn. We’re always waiting for something or someone, but how do we do the waiting? I had to wait in the Post Office queue for ages on Monday. On the outside I wait calmly, patiently, but inside I’m chaffing, annoyed at having to wait, itching to get on. My dog doesn’t hide it so well first thing in the morning. I have to make her sit and wait, otherwise I can barely get the door open, she’s so eager to be out in the interesting wide open world. She sits quivering from head to foot, bottom barely on the floor, like a spring-loaded cannon ready to fire the moment I give the word. I fumble with the door, open it, and she’s off like a bullet, shouting to the world that she’s arrived.

We can spend so much of our lives waiting. Waiting for promotion, a better job, a new house, Mr Right. So do we endeavour to wait patiently? Do we fill our waiting time with good things, or is life on hold until what we are waiting for comes to fruition?

When I was a kid, we would go shopping in Brighton as a family, but Mum was always late. She was never at the meeting place on time, and we would inevitably have to wait. So Dad and we kids would have ‘tea and a bun’ in Fortes Coffee Shop. It made waiting fun, a precious Dad and kids time. So even if we moan about it, waiting can be good. I might want things now, but when everything comes too quick, it can easily lose its value; easy come, easy go. But when we have to wait for something, we can appreciate it’s worth all the more.

It’s nearly Christmas, my family arrive next week….. I can’t wait!  But then again, I’ve still got plenty to do before they arrive, so perhaps the waiting time is necessary. I guess it all depends on what I do while I’m waiting!


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