New Year, New Start?

Hey, it’s  2011!  I’ve never been here before, never stepped over the threshold, never even had a taster.  And now here it is, all shiny and brand new.  I never make New Years resolutions – they seem to fizzle and fade away before the first few days are over.  But it is a New Year with new opportunities, new aims, new chances to get things right.  Unfortunately it’s still the same old me; same old ambitions, hampered by the same old hang ups, and the same old things cluttering up my head.  Can a New Year really mean a new start?

Over the Christmas and New Year break I made time to de-clutter my office, tidy things away, and throw out the rubbish.  Maybe I can de-clutter my head in the same way, and get it organised.  I need to make time to nurture the good bits, be ruthless with the rubbish and throw it out, and file away the things I don’t need at the moment, but that may be vital in the future.  I really don’t think it’s quite that easy, but at least I can have a go.  I can begin the New Year the way I want it to continue, and hopefully this year it’ll go on for more than the first couple of weeks.


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