I don’t want a rat cage!

I did some internet research last week , for a story I’m writing. I’d been looking for information about rats, mostly about keeping rats as pets, not because I wanted to keep a rat myself, but so I could slip some snippets into my story to make it sound like I know what I’m talking about!  There’s lots of information available, and I found out how to care for rats, what they eat, suitable cages, that sort of thing.  I even discovered that after generations of in-breeding, pet rats are quite different from wild rats – I’m glad to say!  So I found out all I needed to know.  But everyone on the internet now assumes that I want to buy a rat cage.  Almost every advert on every page seems to be for rat cages. I wish there was some way of telling them that I don’t want a rat cage, I have no intention of keeping a rat, and certainly don’t want to be bombarded with rat adverts. I thought TV ads were bad enough, but at least then I have the choice to turn them off or go and make a cup of tea.  But when I’m reading my emails, I have no choice but notice them. I’m also fed up with adverts for online gaming, weight loss programs, broadband providers, matchmaking,  loans………….


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