Memories are funny things

My head is full of memories, vignettes, some recently acquired, some from a while ago and some from the distant past.  The older I get, the more memories there are jostling for attention. Good memories, unpleasant memories, occasions that I might like to re-live, others that I would rather forget. Sometimes incidents that happened years ago, seem like yesterday. And sometimes that same incident can seem a life-time away, as if I am now a spectator watching the events unfold. Some memories have such clear and vivid pictures that not only can I see them in perfect detail, but I can smell, hear and almost touch them, and feel the way I did then. I remember being unfairly treated as a child, sitting with my ears burning, while a teacher made me feel worthless. My ears burn now as I think of it, and there is a knot of fear in my stomach.  But then I can also recall childhood family gatherings with pleasure – warm, safe and included.  I remember these events as they affected me, yet someone else may recall that same event very differently, as they recollect other aspects that I have long forgotten.  Maybe I have not always correctly remembered what happened, and my memory has exaggerated, distorted or changed the circumstances, or perhaps what I remember as facts are only supposition and conjecture.  But whether we remember them accurately or not, we would be incomplete people if we had no memories of the past experiences that have shaped our present and will continue to shape our futures.


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