I made it

I made it.  I know Easter is long past, but I forgot to mention that I’ve managed to get all the way through Lent, right up to Easter Sunday and beyond, without playing computer games.  It’s been tough at times, because I’m so easily distracted, especially by computer games. I had to stop the old habit of playing ‘just’ one game of Sudoku or Aduko, that usually ended up as ten or more games, and be more productive.  So what have I been doing instead?  Well, I’ve done some on-line studying with  Foundations21 (www.foundations21.net), a bit of research for my story, and much more writing.  The first draft of my current story is progressing well, and I now actually feel like I’m getting somewhere with it.  So now all I need to do is keep up what I’ve started, be more focused, and not get distracted by anything else.


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