More about Rhythms

As you can see, I’m still thinking about rhythms in writing.  Even the word ‘rhythm’ itself has its own rhythm; there’s an upbeat -‘ rhy’, and the dull thud of a down beat  ‘thm’.  I can almost hear the rise and fall like a drum-beat, or the twang of a base string – ↑ rhy-thm ↓.

Words and sentences ebb and flow, they can stretch out ← — → , and they can contract ↔, punctuated by breaks and pauses.  Alliteration, the speed of rapid staccato sounds, or phrases that blend and flow seamlessly, all add to the overall sense of rhythm.  Even as I ponder these words, I can hear in my head the intonation, and the surge and swell within each sentence.  These rhythms can enhance or detract from the actual words used, and any writer using them carefully will enrich their writing.


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