I’ve had a somewhat difficult couple of weeks, full of different problems, which caused my writing brain to go into freeze mode.  I’ve had viruses on my computer and wasps in the roof, to name but two of the problems.  With determination and repeated attempts to dissuade them with wasp powder, I think I’ve got rid of the wasps – without getting stung.  And with a lot of help from two knowledgeable friends, I am now virus free.  Wasps searching for somewhere to nest, is of course a natural occurrence; but I can’t understand the motivation of someone creating viruses to screw up computers at random, with no gain to themselves.  What pleasure was there in infecting my computer? They never saw my fruitless attempts to sort it out myself.  They didn’t overhear my frantic phone calls, or see the time spent by my friends as they advised, and pulled up screens I had never seen before.  Finally we gave up and did a system restore.  And the result of all this?  Just a lot of wasted time and energy, and no writing done.

Crises over, my unfrozen mind now free of the problems, I can get back to normal life again, and some writing.


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