Talking of the Weather…..

We English are for ever talking about the weather, for we have a lot of it to talk about.  Today for example it has drizzled, it has showered, and we have had sheets of rain, all in the space of a morning.  Then, just after lunch there was a little tear in the clouds, a smudge of watery blue beyond the billowing grey. The clouds parted slightly, there was a brief glimpse of the sun, and then it was gone again, beaten into obscurity by the blanketing clouds.  Now a couple of hours later it’s bright sunshine once more; but how long will it last…..?

Along with lots of weather we have lots of weather sayings or idioms. If we are not well, we are ‘under the weather’, and when in trouble we are ‘under a cloud’. The ‘heavens can open’, and all of a sudden it’s ‘raining cats and dogs’.  A cheerful person can be a ‘ray of sunshine’ or an angry one can have a ‘face like thunder’, and then ‘storm off in a temper’.  We’re told to ‘look on the bright side’, and when happy, we’re said to be ‘on cloud nine’.  When over worked we’re ‘snowed under’, or if we disapprove we may give a ‘frosty stare’.

So, ‘come rain or shine’, ‘make hay while the sun shines’, and  remember ‘that every cloud has a silver lining’.  And if you ‘weather the storm’, and don’t have your ‘head in the clouds’, in the end everything will be ‘as right as rain’.


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