Risky Living

How good are you at taking risks? How good am I at taking risks? Even getting out of bed in the morning is a risky business. There is so much that could go wrong. I might stumble and stub my toe on the bedroom door, or burn the toast, and set fire to the kitchen. I could get knocked down crossing the road, or go out in the rain and get struck by lightning. And what about the mistakes I might make? I could stand up for something I believe in; and be ostracised because no one else sees it the way I do. Or I could step out in the faith that I can do something; but get it wrong, and fail abysmally.

With so much against me, is it even worth the risk of getting up today? Shall I just hide from a world full of dangers, snuggle under the duvet and go back to sleep? But if I do that, I will completely miss the good things that are also possible today; the friends I could meet, the places I may see, the thrills and excitement I might have.

So despite the likely hazards of facing the day in an uncertain world, I will be brave and courageous; I think life is worth the risk after all.


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