Thoughts of Autumn

I have mixed feelings about Autumn.

I love bright Autumn days, when the low sun sprinkles and flashes through the red and gold leaves still hanging on the trees, and the early morning light sparkles on dew encrusted cobwebs.  Flurries of leaves cascade to the ground in sudden gusts of wind, covering everything with a blanket of russet and gold. Then there are the still days, when natures abundance of acorns and conkers can be clearly heard dropping to the ground, and squirrels scurry around gathering their harvest, and hiding it in preparation for the coming Winter.  And ‘ay, there’s the rub’ (Hamlet) …. the coming ‘Winter of our discontent’ (Richard lll).  And there it is; the flip side of Autumn; a foretelling of approaching cold and darkling days, when trees are bare, daylight is fleeting, and the hard unyielding ground is locked away.  And like all sensible creatures, all I will want to do then is hibernate.

But for now, Autumn is here.  And although Winter may be close on its heels, first I will enjoy all the glory that is Autumn.  And I will deal with gloomy Winter when it arrives.


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