‘Look into my eyes’

I was looking at myself in the mirror yesterday, not through any sense of vanity, but because I had got an eyelash in my eye!  But once I had removed the offending article, something struck me.  I was looking closely at my eye, using a magnification mirror, and I was suddenly struck how beautiful my eyes actually are.  The colours and lines and shapes within the iris are amazing.  My eyes are hazel, and I could clearly see the mix of greys and browns and greens, intermingled with specks of honey gold, in rings of colour radiating out from the deep black central pool of the pupil.  First there is a band of soft brown edged with yellow and gold.  Radiating from it are filaments of rich chestnut, like rays of the sun reaching out into a ring of green and grey whorls. And surrounding that is a final halo of hazy blue, that seems to dissolve into white.   And the entire eye, pupil, iris and orb, glistens and gleams like a highly polished jewel.

When we look at someone, the first thing we often notice are the eyes, but rarely are we close enough to actually notice how beautiful those eyes really are.  We say that eyes are the window into the soul.  I just hope and pray that my soul is as beautiful as my eyes!


One thought on “‘Look into my eyes’

  1. I shall be looking deep into my own eyes tonight 🙂 I too have a magnifiying mirror so I actually do have a chance of seeing something!

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