I love Christmas, and as a Christian I love to celebrate ‘the reason for the season’; but I don’t like all the materialistic hype that surrounds it. In fact I’m a bit of a minimalist when it comes to Christmas. Some tasteful decorations, are great – if they’re kept well under control, but I do like lots of Christmas lights. With dull grey winter days and long cold winter nights, I welcome the warmth and illumination of lights in the darkness. I like to see the warm glow of coloured fairy lights twinkling out from the depths of dark green foliage. I like the strings of sparkling icicles swaying gently in the cold night air. I like the ever-changing, dancing radiance of fibre optics. I like the flicker and glow of candlelight, and the blazing of a real log fire. I also like to stand and stare at the winking points of star light glinting far above me in a clear frosty sky, reminding me of the star that led the way to Bethlehem, and of  the light that was born into a dark world.


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