Looking back. Looking forward.

This year is slipping away fast, with only a few hours still to go. In fact I’ve just received my first ‘Happy New Year’ text from family in Australia – as usual they’ve beaten us to it! But what about 2011? I know it’s not quite over, but was it a good year? Or was it all doom and gloom as the media would seem to suggest? Was your glass half empty? or was it half full? I’m sure we all made our fair share of mistakes, I certainly did; but have we truly learnt from them or will we be still carrying them with us into the new year?

And what about 2012, what hopes do we have, and what does it hold for us; as a world, in our local communities, and personally? Will we move into the new year with trepidation and fear for the future, or will we be marching in with a positive confident attitude, expecting things to go well?

As for me, I’m ready to start afresh in the new year, but I do want to take hold of all the good things I’ve done and learnt over the last year, step over with them into 2012, and continue to build on them.

I’ll finish this post by wishing all my friends, family and blog buddies a very happy and peaceful New Year.

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