A Winter Morning

I’ve just taken my dog for a walk, and it’s bitingly cold, with a heavy hoar-frost still lying on the grass. But despite the cold, it is a beautiful day; the sky is bright and cloudless, with only the vapour-trail of an aeroplane to break the intense blue. After the dull, damp, dismal days we’ve had recently, it is in truth a breath of fresh air – very fresh!
It’s been a strange winter so far, almost the warmest on record. In my garden, roses are still blooming, surrounded by clumps of campanula, with a scattering of blue star-shaped flowers peeping out from the foliage. A friend has seen a tree in full blossom, no leaves yet, but completely covered in tiny pink flowers. And on my walk this morning I spotted some frost encrusted daisies, nestling in the grass close to the path.
Spring might still be a long way off, but there are signs everywhere that winter will not last forever, and the ground is already producing new life.


2 thoughts on “A Winter Morning

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