Beauty and Lies

I was watching TV last night, a commercial channel, so every ten minutes or so I was assailed by adverts for various skin care products. They were very slick, well polished adverts as you would expect from top companies, but what struck me most were the models who were advertising these products. They had perfect skin, no marks or blemishes, smooth like porcelain or moulded wax. With not a hair out-of-place, and plastic smiles, they didn’t even look like real people, but more like manikins. Is this what some women really want to look like? Or is this the lie the marketing companies would have us believe? I know that I would rather be a real live human being, with a flawed skin, and a few wrinkles here and there, than be always striving for an unobtainable image.
True beauty, and what is good and attractive about a person, comes from within, and cannot be purchased or applied from a bottle. It is who they are and not what they look like that matters.


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