I’d opened my curtains this morning, and was sitting in bed with my cup of tea, reading, as I usually do. It was still cold and snowy outside, but the sky was blue, and although the sun was out of my line of sight, I knew it was shining brightly. On my windowsill are two pretty cut-glass bottles with crystal stoppers, that used to belong to my grandmother. And at the foot of the bed is a large wardrobe, with floor to ceiling mirror doors.
As I was reading, I was suddenly aware of an intense brightness in the room. I looked up, and in the mirror reflection the sun was shining directly through the crystal stoppers, transforming them into golden balls of light. On the windowsill they were ordinary, but in the reflection they glowed and sparkled, and lit the whole room. I was seeing the crystal stoppers from one angle, but the mirror was seeing them from another angle, and reflecting them in a completely new and unexpected way. And both views were true representations of how the bottles and the stoppers looked at that moment in time. And it got me thinking about how we view things. We may look at something – an event, a person, an object – from one angle; but someone else may be looking from an alternate angle and see something completely different. Neither view is wrong, they are just different, and both have true value to the beholder.
It’s all a matter of perspective.



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