Spring is here

Boughs of plum blossom. An ornamental plum tre...

Boughs of plum blossom. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I walked the dog today, and everywhere I went there was evidence of nature bursting into life. Daffodils and crocus’ have been around for a few weeks, but now the magnolia petals have unfurled, streaked with pink and white. Curls of yellow forsythia sprinkle the hedges, and fragrant plum blossom floats from the trees, drifting in the spring breeze like snow flakes. In the borders, vibrant pink and blue hyacinths vie with purple anemones and clusters of muscari. Bees buzz in the delicate pale blue rosemary flowers, and a blackbird, nesting in the laurel bush, collects wisps of dried grass and leaves. Catkins have appeared on my hornbeam tree, and the buds on the old oak tree next door are beginning to thicken.
Tonight in the UK, the clocks go forward and we enter ‘British Summer Time‘, and spring will really be here.


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