A ‘Titanic’ mistake.

I have to say that I’m a bit pedantic about English, probably fuelled by the fact that I’m an English Tutor. So last week I was amused by a report on the news about the Titanic memorial cruise. The reporter announced that one hundred years ago ‘an iceberg hit the Titanic’. I was a little surprised, I had always believed it was the other way round, and that the Titanic had hit the iceberg. Was the iceberg motorised I asked myself, or was it being propelled through the ocean by some unseen force, ‘out to get’ the Titanic? Perhaps there has been a massive, century long cover-up. The reporter then went on to explain that the memorial cruise ship, HMS Balmoral, had left Southampton with 1,309 passengers, like the Titanic. I was surprised again, I was under the impression that the Titanic had about 2,220 ¬†passengers on board, of which 1,517 were lost, and just over 700 were rescued. I know there are slight differences in the ‘official’ figures, but I still think that the reporter was a little out! At least she got the ship’s name correct, although even then she didn’t give the full title – RMS Titanic.


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