Sidetracks and Distractions.

I was going to start writing this ages ago, but I made the mistake of going into the garden, and I noticed the weeds! We’ve had a few rainy days recently. We do need the rain, but why is it the weeds are multiplying profusely, and the plants are being engulfed? Anyway, I’ve uprooted hundreds of dandelions, (well, not quite hundreds, but it would be that many if I allowed them to seed). I’ve hewn down at least five hornbeam trees and a hawthorn, (well, not exactly hewn down – they were barely four inches high, but imagine what they’d be like in ten years if I left them). I’ve ripped out briars – escapees from next door, that are just beginning to root ‘on my side’. Pulled out ivy that has decided to leave the fence and trail across the flower bed, and heaps of vetch that is making a take-over bid for the rest of the garden.
I didn’t finish the weeding, but now I’m back at my computer, writing something completely different to what I’d planned. That’s a bit like my life I suppose. I start out to do one thing, get sidetracked, and end up doing something else entirely. That’s ok in itself, but there are times I feel nothing ever gets finished. There are so many tasks that have been started, or need to get started, that I feel completely swamped, and don’t know where to begin. So I write some lists and tick some things off, until finally some sort of order emerges, and I feel free again.
Now I think I’ll stop for lunch, and then I’d better get on with that weeding!


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