Cruising – Monday – at Sea

I’ve been away for a weeks cruise of the Norwegian fjords, and returned home yesterday. I was going to blog everyday, but the cost of internet access was so high that I decided to just write, and to upload it when I got back. So this week I’m intending to upload an entry everyday, as if I’m still away. So here goes….

Monday – at Sea

We left Southampton yesterday on the biggest boat I think I have ever seen. It’s called the Oceana, and there are about 2200 passengers, 800 crew, and 15 decks. It really is a huge floating hotel, with all the facilities you could imagine. I’m sharing a cabin with three good friends, so it will be interesting to see how we all get on, living so closely together for a whole week. I’ve never been on a cruise before, and have been looking forward to it with a mixture of anticipation (will I get sea-sick?) and excitement. Unfortunately I came down with a cold just before we left, but I’m determined it won’t stop me from doing anything.
So here we are, steaming across the North Sea towards our first port of call – Bergen, where we will arrive tomorrow morning. The sun is shining, the sky is clear, with a few cotton-puff clouds, and there is a cool breeze. We’ve walked a couple of times all the way round the deck, (3.2 times round is a mile), and all we can see in any direction, is the sea. There is no land visible, just sea, huge and ever-moving, blue and green, light and dark, stretching right to the horizon.

The sun shines a broad silver path across the surface, and we seem to be suspended in the centre of a disk of liquid mercury. As we cut through the water, little white crests break on the tops of the waves as we pass, and behind us streams a foaming seething wake, reaching far into the distance.
Today is a lazy day, a day to explore the ship and get used to onboard life. A day to enjoy the excellent food, watch a film, chat together, and look forward to our first taste of Norway tomorrow.

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