The Nitty-Gritty of Cabin Life – The Real Story

At the beginning of this week of cruising, I wondered how we would all get along – four ladies, closely confined in a cabin with bunk beds; sharing a bathroom with only one shower, one hand basin and one toilet. We were friends at the beginning; would we still be friends at the end?

So I just feel the need to mention a few things………

The Nitty-Gritty of Cabin Life – without dropping anyone in it!

(I may be persuaded to divulge names for a small fee. – Or I may be persuaded to withhold them for a larger one!)

In no particular order:

  • Someone was free and easy with the curling tongs, she curled my hair, and got my hair tangled up in the curler brush. It took hours to get free, (well, at least ten minutes), and I’m sure I’ve now got a bald patch…… Oh, and someone else got their ear burned!
  • The steward left a piece of chocolate on our pillows each evening when he got the bunks down and the beds ready. But it kept going missing. Who was stealing the chocolate? The person concerned did finally confess, but claimed she’d only been testing to see if it was milk or plain!
  • We discovered that a certain person likes her bunk made properly (that narrows it down – it was someone on a bunk). She would not tolerate a badly rucked up bottom sheet without making a fuss! So one day she stripped the bed completely to make sure Glen the steward would make it properly, I wonder what he thought she’d been doing!!!
  • Someone moaned every time she suspected someone else had been touching her towel. Mind you, it was a bit tricky, all the towels and flannels were white, there were big towels and little towels, flannels and a shower mat – all of them white – thats 13 bits of white towelling…… How did she expect us to know which was hers?
  • Someone made special friends with a waiter called Milton. We think he must have been very clean.
  • I broke a glass in the sink.
  • Someone kept losing things (or was it more than one of us?) belts, strapless bras, Bergen fact sheets, phone chargers, trip tickets, chocolate (?) ………
  • Someone reckoned that the rest of us were not always out drinking in the bar all night, (at least not with her), so that’s ok.
  • Someone was insufferable when she kept winning at Canasta; and that was after I’d saved her life at the Briksdal Glacier!
  • Someone draped other people’s wet socks over the television rail to dry.
  • We did all agree that the 24hour buffet was too tempting, and that someone should be in charge of ‘waist/waste management’.
  • I was rebellious and refused to ‘posh up’ on the ‘non-posh’ evenings.
  • Someone had a secret stash of cabin biscuits (18 packets – we counted), which she claimed she would share out at the end, (end of what we wonder?) And towards the end of the week, the steward explained that he couldn’t give us anymore biscuits because he’d run out! (NB Think she felt guilty, because she did share them all out in the end!)
  • We have photographic evidence that someone really likes cakes. Who’s got that photo?

And of course, you will have all realised by now that none of it was me, because I am perfect! (except for the glass, which was obviously an accident!)

PS. We are all still friends 🙂

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