Would anyone like a weather swap?

We’re in the middle of yet another dreary, wet day here in England. It was like it when I got up, I even had to put my light on this morning to read by, and it’s JULY! We should be basking in hot summer sun, but instead the sky is grey and leaden, and the rain falls relentlessly. It stopped for a few minutes just before lunch, and I snuck out with the dog, but the drizzle had started again before we had even reached the end of the road. The ground is water-logged, and the plants and flowers are hanging heavy, dragging my spirits down with them. I feel out of sorts, and all I can smell now is a wet dog! I know folk around the other side of this globe of ours, would gratefully share some of our ‘wet’ at the moment, and if I could, I’d gladly swap it for a bit of ‘hot and dry’.
The weather is always a topic of conversation here in England, and it never ceases to amaze me when I realise how the weather actually affects my mood. Today I feel head-achy, grey and overcast like the sky, tired and lethargic. I really don’t want to do anything. In fact, if it was winter I think I’d go back to bed and hibernate until the weather perked up a bit!
The weathermen are however promising that the weather will improve next week, I do hope they’re right!


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