On Holiday

The summer sun has decided to show its face in England at long last! I’m on holiday, and I’m beginning to relax nicely! I’m not sure how long the sun will be with us, but it’s here for the moment, and it has certainly lifted my spirits.
I’m staying with my sister and family in Lincolnshire for a couple of weeks, right out in the countryside. It’s about a mile and a half from the main road, in a little village called Bicker Gauntlet. It’s very quiet here, with only the odd car or van passing down the single lane track next to the house to disturb the peace. The countryside is wide open and flat, and you can see for miles. It is a farming area, and there are fields all around, crisscrossed with drainage dykes. The field across the road was last year full of barley, but this year it is planted with potatoes, and there are onions and cabbages beyond. The air is clear, and the sky is big and open. Sometimes small planes venture lazily into the vast expanse and loop the loop, sometimes a military jet streaks across the immense dome of the sky, and into the far distance. Occasionally an old Lancaster Bomber rumbles overhead, followed later by the droning of an old Second World War Spitfire, both on their way to an air show or fete. They form part of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight which is based just down the road at RAF Coningsby. But generally the air is full only of the calling of birds, the buzz of bees in the purple Buddleia bushes, and the swish of the breeze through the silver birch leaves. Ah, summer in rural England!


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