Seen from the door of a caravan

I’ve just been downloading some pictures from my camera, taken during a caravanning weekend, and I just couldn’t resist showing you some of the animal life that we shared the caravan site with.
As we drove into the site, I spotted the hedgehog. He was quite small, but totally oblivious to my presence as he snuffled along the edge of the field, grubbing around in the undergrowth for worms and insects.
Chickens and ducks visited us everyday. The chickens would hang about during meal times, hoping for some scraps, and would even scurry under the caravan to see if there was anything interesting hidden there. But it was the ducks that were in charge, bossing the chickens around, and chasing them out of their favourite spots. We saw and heard many other creatures, including house martins, and high up on the thermals, we saw four sparrow hawks circling.

I love seeing and hearing children playing, so it was good too to see them running around in the rain with umbrellas and flowery wellies, in and out of the large Wendy House in the middle of the field. Or even to see the older kids throwing balls and spinning torpedoes over the bedraggled badminton net, or when they thought no one was looking, over the high telegraph wires!

Life in the freedom of the open air!


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