New Street Lights

They’ve been putting new street lamps along the roads where I live. So they’ve dug up the pavements and grass verges, and made quite a mess. The new lights are ‘energy efficient’ white lights, with ‘optical controls’ designed to reduce light pollution.  All good so far.  The lamp posts are tall and thin and made of metal, much better no doubt than the old concrete posts, but they are at least a metre taller. Along my street that’s all fine. But there are some wooded areas around here where the tops of the lamp posts are now hidden amongst the foliage of the trees. How does that help to light the dark pathways beneath the trees I wonder? And how are the birds and squirrels faring? I suppose their nests and drays will now be brightly lit, with ‘energy efficient’ lighting; but how will they know when it is time to sleep? I suppose the squirrels will now be able to jump from branch to lamp-post, even in the dark, and on cold nights in the winter they will have the advantage of somewhere to warm their little toes!


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