Family and Friends

Families are great. We may be widely flung, sometimes across the world, but there is a connection between us that goes beyond casual acquaintance. I find that when I’m with one of my two sisters we will sometimes both start to say the same thing at the same time. We often use the same expressions, and laugh at similar things. I suppose we have similar early life experiences, similar foundations and we have some of the same memories. But all our relationships, family and friends, need to be actively nurtured. We cannot expect to have a relationship with anyone if we do not communicate. It doesn’t necessarily have to be face to face, but emails, snail mail, phone and texting, also have their place in keeping relationships alive. I remember that when my sister first emigrated we could only correspond by letter and the occasional tape cassette. There was no email back then, and phone calls were too expensive, but despite that we never lost touch, and our relationship was kept alive.
Now it is much easier to keep in contact with our far-flung friends and family, but it still takes effort. Email, phone calls and texting all have their place, but sometimes I still resort to old fashioned letters. In fact, the only way I could communicate with my Father-in-Law while he was in hospital, the only way I could show him that I cared, and that I was thinking of him, was to send him letters. But however we do it, we must keep communicating, keeping those lines open, and not taking each other for granted. We all have busy lives, and it’s easy to forget, and let time pass. So I urge you, contact that old friend, speak to the family member you haven’t seen for a long time, or send that letter, before it’s too late.


7 thoughts on “Family and Friends

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  2. Well said Gill. My sisters and I could not be further apart from each other and as you say, it is so much easier to stay in touch these days. Thanks for the pingback.

    • Thanks Judith. And yes, it’s certainly easier now to keep in touch than it’s ever been before. And so it’s much more important to keep that communication alive when our families are so far apart.

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