Jazz in Folkestone

I spent last weekend in Kent (UK), staying with my son Dave, who lives in a beautiful village just outside Canterbury. Dave is a musician and plays the clarinet and saxophone. So on the Saturday night we drove down to Folkestone for a jazz gig at ‘Totally Jazz’, a bar and restaurant in the Old High Street, where Dave was playing the saxophone in a three-piece band. ‘Totally Jazz’ is a great venue, the food good, and the staff friendly; and I know I’m a bit biased, but I loved the music! There’s something about live music, so of course, when someone you know is playing, and when that person is your son, the music is even better! The jazz was so laid back, so chilled, so relaxing. It seemed to speak right down into my soul, the rhythm reverberating, like a heart beat.
I felt quite nostalgic as I remembered Dave when he first started playing the clarinet as a small boy of eight. What would have happened if we hadn’t scrimped and saved to buy that first clarinet? However, we may have given him the opportunity, but over the years, Dave has put in an immense amount of study and practise, and that has made him into the accomplished musician he is now. Music has a power all of its own, and I felt a great range of emotions; pride of course; much sadness that his father is no longer here to join me in doing my proud parent bit; sadness too that my own father, a lover of music and an early encourager of Dave, is also not here to be proud. So it’s left to me to be proud all on my own (along with Dave’s fiancée of course). And thanks to you too, for allowing me to show off a bit on his behalf!

If you fancy having a listen to some of Dave’s music do go and visit his website:  www.davebrazier.com  and if you live in the area, maybe I’ll see you sometime at one of his gigs.



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