Soft Autumn Days

Today is a dull drizzly day, and the usually vibrant Autumn colours are gently muted. A soft grey blanket of cloud envelopes the sky, and a fine rain is falling, hardly more than a mist. But there is also a calm and a peace that seems to soothe the soul. A slight breeze rustles the almost bare topmost branches of the copper beech tree along the road, loosening the last few russet leaves. The sycamore around the corner is a surrounded by a carpet of yellow, and my garden is liberally sprinkled with rusty-brown oak and hornbeam leaves;  horse-chestnut leaves that fall the colour of  English mustard and then fade to dirty brown; acid yellow wisteria leaves and flaming red and orange leaves from the sumac, to name but a few.
Autumn is moving on apace, soon to be squeezed out by the rough winds, and icy rain and sleet of Winter.

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