Arrival in Australia.

Well I’m safely here in Australia. The flights from London Heathrow were long and tedious – I watched movies and listened to music, interrupted only by the periodic arrival of food and drink. I arrived in Melbourne late on Wednesday night, tired and very pleased to see my sister and her family waiting for me. My baggage unfortunately wasn’t quite so lucky –  it got here ok, but sometime during the journey my main case had been doused in white wine! Someone must have had stupidly packed wine in their baggage, which burst and then seeped though almost all of my case. We emptied the case as soon as we could, and all my clothes went straight into the washing machine. Some things including books and my slippers have had to be thrown away, and some of the cards that I brought with me have unfortunately been damaged. My case was hosed down outside, but it still stinks, and will need to be replaced. But it could have been a lot worse; if it had been red wine I would have had to replace all my clothes as well! So my next job is to contact the airline –  I didn’t report it at the airport as it didn’t look too bad then. So I hope that I’m going to be able to get some compensation somehow – so that I can at least replace the case. Apart from that, all is good. My niece gets married next Wednesday, and tonight is the hen night at Mornington Peninsula hot springs spa, hopefully with a massage too – I’m really looking forward to that!


2 thoughts on “Arrival in Australia.

  1. How annoying for you to have vino luggage. How did you go with the airlines in regard to compensation or apologies etc? I hope you enjoyed Melbourne!
    As you mentioned (separate post) the area you travelled through in southern Tasmania is a different site after the last few days of bushfires here.

  2. I’ve had no joy with QATAR AIRWAYS, either compensation or apology. I’m staying out in the suburbs, so to take the case into their offices in the city would mean a a day trip to the city complete with stinking case! And they will not reply to answerphone messages, or even a recorded delivery letter – I’m pretty disgusted, and won’t be flying with them again (once I get home of course)! My travel insurance may pay, but I can’t claim until I get home. I think I’ll be posting some reviews of QATAR AIRWAYS next month after I’m home 🙂

    With regard to the bushfires in Tasmania, as we were in that area, I’m rather glad we went before Christmas! But my heart does go out to all those involved – it must be absolutely terrifying, and so terrible to see everything you’ve worked for literally go up in smoke.

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