Peninsula Hot Springs Spa

Hill Top - Top of stream pool

We had been planning to go to the Peninsula Hot Springs Spa on the Mornington Peninsula last Saturday, but as Saturday was going to be hot (they were predicting 39°C), it was decided we should go on Friday evening instead. We arrived about 7.30pm, got changed and carefully walked along the reflexology path to the Cave Pool, which was near the bottom of the hill. The hot mineral spring water flows from an aquifer over 600 metres below the surface. It rises at about 50°C, under its own pressure, to about 10 metres below the surface, from where it is pumped to the different spa pools. The water is brownish from the naturally occurring minerals, including sulphur, calcium, magnesium, potassium and other minerals, and has a pH of 6.82.There are a range separate spa pools with different temperatures – ranging from about 36°C to 43°C – the further up the hill you went, the hotter the pools became. The Cave Pool had a temperature of about 36°C. We gradually progressed through 7 or 8 pools, gradually getting hotter, until we reached the Hill Top Pool, which was about 42°C, and had beautiful views all the way round. By this time the sun had gone down, it was getting dark and twinkling lights were coming on along the pathways and between the trees. The sky was lovely, lined with pink and grey.There were dragonflies, and various little birds flitting around, all in all it was a fabulous evening.


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