And now I’ve seen Kangaroos too!

I was taken out yesterday evening to see kangaroos in their natural environment. This is the fourth time I’ve been to Australia, and I’ve seen wild koala, emu, possum, and echidna (see previous post!) but I’ve never yet seen wild kangaroos. I’ve seen them in Wild Life Parks and Zoos, but never wild! So Sue and Chris were going to make sure I did see some this time. And you can see that I did! Kangaroos, not just in ones or twos, but in mobs (which is the collective noun for loads of kangaroos) and within about fifteen minutes of home.

Kangaroo mob

When we arrived they were grazing. Then they stared at us – were we dangerous? Friend or foe?


Some bounded off, some kept grazing, some just continued staring. I even saw a pair of young males boxing!

Kangaroos boxing

This has to be one of the (many) highlights of my Aussie trip this time!


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