Westgate Towers, Canterbury

I’ve just had a lovely weekend in Kent, staying with my son and his fiancée, so yesterday we went into Canterbury to do a bit of shopping. Canterbury is an ancient city, dating back to prehistoric times, with bits of Roman walls and of course a cathedral.
Westgate Towers in Canterbury is a medieval fortified gatehouse built of Kentish ragstone, a hard grey limestone, used since Roman times for walls and buildings, including Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London. Westgate Towers was originally a Roman gate, re-built in 1380 as the main entrance for pilgrims visiting the shrine of Thomas Becket in Canterbury Cathedral. Now at the end of a cobbled street with shops and fast food outlets, it is still an imposing structure. In the picture below, it appears that the windows are being cleaned, and what struck me most was the juxtaposition between the ancient building, and the modern crane that was being used.  What would the pilgrims of old entering and leaving Canterbury have thought of such a machine?

West Gate Towers Canterbury


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