Spring at last!

A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks, not least of which is a new computer, with a completely new (to me) operating system – Windows 8. It’s been a very steep learning curve, coming as I did from Windows XP, but I think I’ve just about got to grips with it.
What else has happened while I’ve been immersed in learning about ’tiles’ and ‘charms’, and transferring data? Well, here at least in southern England, spring has finally sprung, and about time too! The bitingly cold wind has finally blown itself out and been replaced by a cool breeze; and lowering grey skies have become pale blue with white, puffy cotton-wool clouds. The sun is shining, and I feel all the better for it. The daffodils are standing up again, and have been joined by hyacinths and forsythia. And tiny skimmia buds, which have been tightly closed throughout the cold weather have suddenly burst open. Pink and white blossom, which I hadn’t really noticed on the trees, is already falling and blowing across the pavements. A couple of weeks ago my son bought me a patio nectarine tree, and as soon as it arrived home I immediately swathed it in fleece to keep its delicate blossom warm. If the weather stays like this for the next few days, I might risk unwrapping it, and maybe I might even get a nectarine or two in the summer.



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