A church mouse-hole

I was at a family wedding last weekend. It was a lovely occasion, meeting up with family that we don’t see very often. I was fully immersed in the wedding service, when I spotted this little hole on the edge of the stage. To my easily distracted eye, it looked for all the world, like a mouse-hole, and I couldn’t resist a little smile – because such quirky things always tickle my humour gene!
I wondered where the little church mouse was hiding. If I looked closely enough, would I see him just inside the hole, listening and enjoying the ceremony? Could he be dressed in a top hat (no need for tails) and joining in with his little mouse spouse in her veil? Or perhaps they were simply waiting to nibble on some cake crumbs after we had all gone!
After the service had finished I shared my thoughts with my daughter, who wondered why, with the lovely bride and groom, the beautiful flowers, and everyone in their posh clothes, why on earth was I taking a photo of a hole! She cruelly disillusioned me, commenting sarcastically ‘ Don’t be daft, that’s for the wires.’
A Church Mouse Hole


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