At the Dentist

I took a friend to the dentist today. A dentist’s waiting room isn’t one of my favourite places to be, but it was ok – it wasn’t me due to be in ‘the chair’!
Dentist surgeries are full of the noise and bustle of high technology, x-ray machines, screaming drills and polishers that ‘set my teeth on edge’, hypodermic needles, and professionals in white coats and masks. It makes me feel small and slightly afraid; there are things here that might hurt, and things that I don’t understand.
I sat and waited with ‘gritted teeth’, (- aren’t there are a lot of idioms that refer to teeth!). When it was all over we left the dentist’s waiting room, and I noticed, shoved under the bottom of the waiting room door, acting as a door-stop, there was a squashed piece of cardboard, like a small flattened box. The juxtaposition amused me, that among all the ‘high-tech’ of the dentist surgery, was a down-to-earth piece of cardboard holding the door open!


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