Bubbles – fragile yet so strong

I was sitting in bed this morning with my cup of tea as I often do. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, and a light breeze was brushing through the new green leaves of the old oak tree next door. It’s been grey and miserable most of the week, and a bit of sun really does lift the spirit!
Half of my mind was reading my bible, and the other half was just enjoying the scene outside the window, when some bubbles floated by! Beautiful bubbles, small and shiny rising on the air; reflecting the squares of my window, and iridescent with the soft green of the trees, the blue of the sky, and edged with sparkling gold from the sun. As the bubbles drifted on by, their delicate shapes gently undulated, now short and fat, now elongating, as desperate to exist a little longer they ebbed and flowed to meet the changes in the breeze. How fragile, and yet how strong!
I didn’t see the demise of the bubbles, they just drifted on out of sight. And when they had gone, I thought about how our lives ebb and flow as the breezes and storms of life take us. And I thought that like the bubbles, how strong our lives can be, and yet so fragile.


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