From Onions to Strawberries.

There is an onion field just up the road from my sister’s house, and early this morning the farmer decided to harvest some of his onions. First the tops were chopped off, then the onions were lifted; now they will be left for a few days to dry out. Large smooth onions, powdered with dark dusty soil, lying higgledy piggledy in raised rows, thread-like roots exposed to the air. Today it is cloudy, and the wind has got up, so of course the smell of the onions is blowing directly at us – thick and pungent!
This afternoon we drove over to a local ‘Pick Your Own’, and the moment we got out of the car the heady sweet aroma of strawberries assailed us. A huge field with row upon row of strawberry plants lay before us. Beneath the spreading leaves, ripe red strawberries sprawled upon beds of straw; large juicy fruits, some for the basket, one or two to test now. In no time at all we had filled our baskets; that’ll be some for pudding today (we’ve already got the cream) and some for the freezer.
Then it was back home to the all-pervading smell of onions! But we had at least brought a little aroma of sweetness with us.


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