Two Cats, One Dog

As those who follow my blog will know – I have a dog called Brinny. She is lovely, a Jack Russell Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross – but with the best and worst of both breeds! She was about a year or so old when I first found her in a rescue centre twelve years ago, so she is now getting rather elderly. Her hearing isn’t as good as it used to be, and as she bounds out into the garden with a raucous bark to tell the world the garden belongs to her, she usually trips over the top step, which rather diminishes the aggressive effect!
Last autumn my sister acquired two new kittens, so when I went to stay last month, I wasn’t too sure how the dog and kittens would get along. Initially we kept them apart, but after a couple of days of interested sniffing at each others beds and food, we thought perhaps they should meet. Brinny was with us in the lounge when Pepsi first poked her head around the door. Cautiously she entered, keeping a wary eye on this strange interloping predator. Brinny was good as gold, she sat and watched, very alert, with ears pricked. Tail erect, Pepsi came in. She sniffed Brinny’s bed, climbed in, sniffed a bit more, then lay down; I think she was having a laugh – a small kitten in a huge dog bed! Brinny watched motionless, until Pepsi stood up and sniffed the dry dog food in Brinny’s bowl. Brinny, wonderful dog that she is, just sat and watched, but with a deeply furrowed brow! Pepsi had a delicate nibble – really pushing her luck now! The dog thought hard for a moment, this was just too much to take! She stood up, padded quietly round her bed and out of the lounge. I quietly followed, what was she up to? Brinny went straight to the kitchen and began eating the cat food!
After that we did stop them eating each others food, and we did make Brinny’s bed ‘out of bounds’. Over the next couple of weeks, Pepsi and Brinny learned to tolerate each other, and even Max, who was more timid, managed to get a little closer.

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