Spot the toad

Over the last couple of weeks we have had some rain which has softened the ground a little, so at last I’ve been able to get on with some work in the garden. When I cut back my Buddleia last autumn, I pushed some of the cuttings into a pot. One cutting survived the summer, and even flowered, so last week I decided to plant it out. As I was painstakingly digging a hole large enough, something moved! I stopped digging, and crouched motionless. I couldn’t see anything, until there was another movement; and there cowering in the recesses of the hole, was a small toad. Common toads are ‘common’ in English gardens, but their colour can vary to match their habitat, so they can be quite hard to spot. As you can see from the photo, this toad is very well camouflaged.
toads3After I had taken this photo, I had to gently encourage him to move, so that I could finish planting my new Buddleia.


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