Signs of Spring

The weather has been, and is still set to be, pretty awful here in the uk, but there are at least some signs of spring appearing. I’ve had snowdrops peeping out in my front garden for a few days now, and a couple of blue anemones have opened to the occasional ray of sunlight in a sheltered spot by the wall. The daffodil bulbs are thickening, and yesterday I spotted a lone daffodil flower just opening in a garden at the end of the road. Although a hard winter was forecast, we’ve had very little in the way of cold and frosts, no snow, some heavy bouts of hail, and way too many wild stormy winds and persistent deluges of all-pervading wet. I’ve come off pretty lightly when compared to the devastation some folk have suffered. The ground is super saturated and totally waterlogged, and we’ve had some trouble getting around due to flooded roads, but my house is still warm and dry, and my prayers are with those who have been less fortunate. Hopefully spring is just around the corner, and the weather will soon take a turn for the better.Snowdrops 5Feb13


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