A tiny drummer

I heard it first a couple of weeks ago, a pulsating vibration high up in the trees, like a tiny jack hammer. I stared long and hard, but could see nothing, although I knew it must be close. Frequently over the next few days I heard the familiar drumming, sometimes near, sometimes in the distance, but it still proved elusive. The leaves are beginning to open, and I knew if I didn’t see it soon, the leaves would get in the way and obscure my vision. Then at last, yesterday I saw it; a greater-spotted woodpecker, jabbing its beak into the branch of one of the tall trees next door. It was too far away to see clearly, but I could make out the black and white of its body, and see its head down, hammering into the tree. In the nearly twenty years I’ve lived here, I’ve never seen or heard a woodpecker, so what a treat!

Woodpecker 001


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