The Australian Royal Tour and Good Friday

Prince William, Kate and George, have finally finished their royal tour of Australia. I have to say I’m quite jealous; Australia is a beautiful country, and they’ve certainly seen some of the really good bits! A few days ago I watched a TV news clip of their visit to the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. The royal party was standing at the edge of a cliff face, admiring the view from Narrow Neck Lookout. Kate was keeping a respectable distance from the edge, but Will was of course right at the very brink of the precipice, looking down. I wondered what I would do if I were there. Would I be standing at a safe distance appreciating the view, or would I be close to the edge, looking down?
A few days later I was at a Good Friday church service, and the royal scene at the Lookout popped into my head again, and I wondered why. I felt God prompting me to think about it. And I thought that if we walk through life, always looking down, then we only notice the rubbish that collects around our feet, and the filth that lurks in the shadows where we walk. Kicking around in the dirt we see old discarded drinks cans, sweet wrappers, crisp packets, and the chewing gum that has been trodden into the pavement. And in looking down we also miss all the wonderful things of nature all around us, the trees, the birds and butterflies, the sky, and people’s faces. I felt God say that I should keep looking upwards, and I would see His hand working in creation all around me. I remembered too that it was Good Friday, and I felt that I would only see how Jesus gave up everything for me, if I stopped looking at the ground, but looked up at the cross.

Kate and Will at Narrow Neck Lookout


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