Mayday Bank Holiday

It’s May, and in the hedgerows the may blossom is out in abundance. Long arching branches full of tiny flower heads curve gracefully over the road. As I pass underneath, confetti petals float around me, trying to catch in my hair, before drifting down and covering the pathways with a snow-like blanket. Under the hawthorn trees, bluebells stand tall, their blue and white veined bells nodding gently in the breeze. Daisies dot the grass, and yellow dandelion heads straggle across the verges.
Today is Mayday bank holiday in the UK; it is warm and dry, and a welcome day off from school and work. Usual routines have been set aside, and everything seems to have slowed to a lazy walking pace, unhurried, peaceful. A blissful change to the frantic hustle and bustle of normal everyday life.

May Blossom


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