Horse chestnut candles

The may blossom is fading to dusty pink, and the bluebells are drooping, but the chestnut trees are in full bloom. Small delicate, almost wispy flowers, grouped together in tall thin pointed triangles, often called candles. The horse-chestnut has delicately veined white flowers, with splashes of pink inside. It’s hard to believe that they will grow into huge shiny conkers, which fall just in time for conker fights in the autumn term at school – except schools don’t allow kids to do that anymore, in case they hurt themselves! The flowers of the sweet-chestnut are pink, and in the autumn produce rich brown, sweet chestnuts, with a tuft of spikes at the base. When cooked and shelled they make great stuffing for a Christmas turkey.

This is a horse-chestnut candle.

Horse chestnut


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