Norway – the best bits

I’ve just about got back to normal again after my cruise to the Norwegian fjords. I was so tired when I got back – out doing touristy stuff during the day, then great entertainment in the evenings – that I needed another week to recover! Last night I had some friends over, and was showing off my photos, and I was asked what I liked most about Norway. In some ways that’s a hard question, because a week seems such a short time in which to make a valid judgement. But in other ways it’s also an easy question – it has to be the scenery. The mountains were quite stunning, and with the snows melting in late spring, the waterfalls were at their best – simply spectacular. The smooth blue-green water of the fjords perfectly reflected the mountains in all their glory. The tranquil evenings, as the sun gently sank behind the mountains, a silhouette against a sky slowly turning to salmon pink. And the sky at midnight, still with a touch of colour when we went to bed. All of these, and many other sights are memories to treasure. I think cruising down the fjords has to be the best way to appreciate the grandeur of the mountains towering high above us; so that what is in truth a huge cruise ship (carrying about 5500 crew and passengers), seems tiny in comparison. It gives me a tiny glimpse of how truly huge and magnificent God is in comparison to us.

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