Half-heard conversations

I half-heard a conversation yesterday morning while I was at the gym, swimming up and down. As I swam towards a couple of my gym friends, I heard one exclaim, “And he’s got so much money he must be printing it!” I missed the next bit in a splash, and then, “… and now he’s got a rabbit and a dalmatian.” And into my head popped the wacky picture of a rabbit and a dalmatian turning the handle of an enormous old duplicating machine, and money streaming out the other end. I tried to stifled a giggle, breathed in a nose full of chlorinated water, spluttered a bit, and then managed to continue swimming; nice and rhythmic; nice and calm. And as I swam, my mind meandered on as it often does. And I thought how we sometimes hear parts of conversations, get half the information, and all too often pass it on in idle gossip. And then, when it is too late and the damage is done, we realise that we have completely got the wrong end of the stick. How much better it would be, to keep our mouths shut and such unsubstantiated information to ourselves.

I did try to find a picture of a rabbit and a dalmatian printing money, but unsurprisingly, I couldn’t find one. So I’ll have to leave that picture to your imagination – I hope it’s as wacky a picture as mine!


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