At the water’s edge

We had another day at the beach last week. The tide was quite low, and even with the myriads of people scattered across the sand, the beach seemed enormous. At high water mark, and along the water’s edge there was a lot of sticky, smelly seaweed! Green and brown fronds seethed in and out with the waves, and we paddled carefully along the foreshore, trying to avoid the worst areas. Swimmers however had no option but to brave the slimy mass, but at least the water cleared a few metres out. On its journey down the beach, the sea had dumped lots of seaweed on the sand, but when I actually stopped to look, I was struck by the intricate beauty and variation of colour. Tiny black snails left tiny trails across the wet sand, and thread-like coils betrayed the existence of worms beneath the surface. Clusters of shiny stones and shells sparkled beneath meandering rivulets of seawater that trickled down between the seaweed to join the waves. If you truly look, there is beauty everywhere.


4 thoughts on “At the water’s edge

  1. so true gill. lots of amazing details. it always makes me aware of the attention god takes with even the smallest things, so he will take care of our smallest details if we work with him!

  2. How I miss my annual trips to the sea-side! Only now do I realize how precious those moments were, looking for shells and pieces of seaweed, poking about in little tide pools and staying well clear of the jellyfish! Great post, Gill!

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