Bicker Steam Threshing

Last Saturday I went to see the Steam Threshing in Bicker, just down the road from where my sister lives in Bicker Gauntlet. It’s an event that takes place every year in early September. It was fascinating to watch the threshing machine, clattering away amid the dust; powered by an old steam engine, also clattering away, but amid steam and smoke! The harvested grain was fed into the top of the machine, shaken about inside, where the grain was separated from the straw. The grain was collected in sacks underneath the machine, and the straw tumbled along a conveyor belt, until it was compressed into bales that tipped off the end.

Also powered by steam engines, were a flour milling machine, and a saw mill. There were plenty of other steam engines, all beautifully restored, a couple of steam-powered fairground organs, and the usual stalls and trade stands. There were also owls and parrots from a local rescue centre. All well worth a visit if you’re in the area this time next year.

On the Sunday afternoon there was a fly-past from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, and although we were not at the show that day, from the garden of my sister’s house we were still able to see the Dakota, a Hurricane and a Spitfire, that flew over. What a treat!



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